Combining Strategic Solutions With Powerful Frameworks That Deliver

Governed by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s), Strategic Framework Execution divided by Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis = Custom Tailored Strategies that activate the Collective Intelligence Equation. Welcome to the world of Quantum Leadership and its rapidly evolving quotient!

Certified Futurist (FLTA)
CSIS Fellow
Certified Blockchain Tech

What is the FEASL position?

The Fractional Executive Advisor for Senior Leaders (FEASL) integrates as either an adjunct or parallel extension of the senior executive leader. Serving pre-launch vision, post-plan initiation, trouble shooting derailed initiatives, and (most importantly) void identification in the "Collective-Intelligence-Equation-Quotient of-Applied-Quantum-Leadership(CIEQ-AQL™).

The FEASL position is one that both fortifies and sharpens any senior leader and his/her organization. 

Team integration or solo execution vary case-by-case and ultimately defer to the iron-triangle consensus of the executive leader, FEASL, and the missions' complexity. 


Cultural Anthropology+

International Business+

MBA Graduate+

MIT - Sloan Executive Education+


Maxwell School of Syracuse University

Dual Track Candidate* Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA)+

Executive Masters in International Relations (EMIR)+


IDC - Herzliya+

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism+

Forthcoming Dual PH.D. and DBA program* in Switzerland+

The equation of the future

"The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change."
- Einstein
IQ + EQ + CQ + BQ x SQ / (AI+ML) = CIEQ-AQL™

Equiping leaders to activate the "Collective-Intelligence-Equation-Quotient of-Applied-Quantum-Leadership (CIEQ-AQL™). Transformative leaders must engage (with command) 1st-higher dimensional solutions to complex butterfly causes and effects.

Assuming proper contextual weighting, the equation includes Intellectual Intelligence(IQ) + Emotional Intelligence(EQ) + Cultural Intelligence(CQ) + Body Intelligence(BQ) x Spiritual Intelligence(SQ) divided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI+ML)= the  Collective Intelligence Equation Quotient of Applied Quantum Leadership (CIEQ-AQL™).

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."  ― André Gide

Countries Served
Professional & Graduate Level Certifications
Years of Overseas Experience

Proven Track Record Of Architecting and Accelerating Growth For Senior Leaders

95% of leaders engaged with FFI represent public / private / non-profit sectors - including IC members. These dynamic leaders span the entire globe. Africa to Europe, Central America to Asia, the Middle East to the remaining America's.

As a wide-exposure generalist with 21 years of overseas experience, projects have included private foreign investment strategy and implementation, foreign citizenship acquisition, community development, opposition research, real-estate development, cross-cultural conflict resolution, small-medium business transformation, and varied off-ledger projects.

Jonathan Scott McAlvany, MBA, FLTA, CSIS Fellow.
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